Bettybets is a new social gaming platform.

You can challenge others on any topic!!

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Earn BETTYTKN, earn cryptocurrencies, earn money playing games, challenge your friends, social challenges

In order to play, you must have Bettys in your wallet. Bettys can be purchased from the Wallet or earned by completing missions.

Play with friends and show that you are the one who knows the most about the events of the future. Make predictions and win Bettys.

From its initial premise, which proposes "What would happen if people had to risk something to support the things they say they believe?", Bettybets emerges as an option to have fun socially, but in a different way. We do not want to follow the current trend, the exacerbated narcissism that encourages traditional social networks. Our approach is focused on reality being the boss, and that our community learn by playing, fighting against their own misconceptions and/or erroneous predictions, instead of exposing themselves to others to gain notoriety, here ideas weigh more than the number of friends that we have, the photos of the tourist places that we visit or the car that we bought.

We believe that everything in life is a game, every decision we make, and we do not agree with the stigmatization that has been generated about games in general, but for that reason we are not aware that there is a large industry related to game that exploits the negative and sick side of the activity to your advantage. We see nothing wrong with a healthy competition to see "who is right." We do not consider Bettybets to be a gaming site in the traditional sense, but rather a social platform within which we are rewarded when our predictions are correct and also slapped when reality rings a different bell, leading to learning and intellectual growth in the process. We are not going to pretend to be an educational platform either, but we are certainly not a cyber-den of doom for gambling addicts and, of course, we will make the necessary modifications if at any given moment we observe that this type of attitudes arise within our community.

We believe that Bettybets provides a service that is different from what is currently on the market.

However, it is not only the idea of ​​being able to create predictions about different things freely and moderated by the same community that seems to us to be laudable about the platform, but also its economic concept, which was developed in parallel with the software that runs the site.

During the conception of Bettybets, different ways of approaching the financing of the platform have been thought of, so that a small and independent team could gradually scale the necessary goals that allow sustained growth, both in quality and in users.

Options such as crowdfunding (Kickstarter, for example), venture capital and other options were considered, since, despite the fact that we are a humble space in cyberspace, we aspire to reach many people in a short time.

However, the solution we chose was elsewhere, one that would allow us to grow without ties, without being forced to sacrifice our values ​​in order to obtain, perhaps, greater economic returns, without the constraints of external capital that could force us to having to betray the ideals that led to the conception of Bettybets, which we intend to preserve and, if possible, improve. The solution we found was to develop an economy that is sustained by our community, and that reflects the state of evolution of the platform. We are allowing our early adopters access to Bettys (our digital currency to play on the site) at a lower price than it will be in the future. In this way, each person who buys Bettys during the Beta stage, is financing the growth of the platform and therefore increasing the value of the same, accelerating the process by which we will reach the necessary balance to enable a sustained exchange of Bettys for other digital currencies.

Our economic model is different from the one used in the world of cryptocurrencies. They are usually launched by groups that make an initial coin offering (ICO), before being launched on the market, often being later destroyed in that process. Others manage to achieve some stability, but are constantly stalked by speculators. We also don't believe too much in the NFT trend. In short, we do not believe in creating value based on air or FOMO. While it's certainly possible to get someone to buy something worthless (10 or even 1000 times more expensive than it was worth) for no apparent reason, we're glad to know that we work hard to get Bettys to have a market value that is sustained in the future. service and the community that surrounds them, giving it a purpose and legitimacy that, in our opinion, something like a JPG of Pokémon that by some twist of fate ended up selling for $1 million will never have.

Due to the aforementioned, we came to the conclusion that we were going to establish a different system. Bettys do not lend themselves to the famous "pump and dump" since no one can buy an excessive amount of Bettys and then sell them to speculate on a price run that benefits them. In other words, the economic system that we have designed, which, although it is not currently active, is what sets us apart. But how to guarantee that the price will not fall? The answer is simple. The Bettybets economy is by nature deflationary, since some Bettys are withdrawn from circulation (commission for moderators, content creators, and for the platform) when the games end with a redistribution of Bettys (does not apply to cases in which games are declared draws, for example). In this way, as the use of the platform increases, more Bettys go out of circulation, thus increasing their value. Although it is true that we give away Bettys for the missions, it is an amount that, in the long term, does not affect the aforementioned dynamics. On the other hand, the fact of limiting the sale of the currency to a value lower than that established by the platform, nullifies its use for speculative trading. But what is to stop someone from buying a monumental amount now and then selling when the currency has multiplied enormously in value? The answer is that we are not going to avoid it, in fact, it seems fair to us that wealth can be generated from an intelligent investment. However, it will not be in a way that can destabilize the economy of the site, since multiple factors will come into play when establishing sales orders, proposing more and less profitable options to sell, promoting a staggered sale instead of a abrupt, taking into account the general demand and boosting it with the certainty that at Bettybets we will not let the value of the Bettys be left to chance or manipulation. On the other hand, we do not rule out incorporating, in the future, other sources of income to enhance the value of the Bettys and speed up the sales period if necessary, such as advertising. However, for now we are quite averse to incorporating ads as we like to have the luxury of not needing to resort to resources that taint the minimalist experience we seek to provide.

We have a plan, we have the energy and the will to carry it out, the question is: would you like to be part of this project?

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who supports and supports us, by participating as moderators, buying Bettys, inviting friends, or just being part of the community. We will keep working to add more games, features and of course the long awaited system that allows us to exchange Bettys for other currencies. This whitepaper will continue to evolve and we will incorporate more technical details once it is in place.

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